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System Powers 56K Modems To The Max
Maybe you're one of the lucky few who have broadband Internet access. Well, good for you. For the rest of us - an estimated 80 million home users - Internet access still involves using plain old analog modems. What's worse, many people can't connect at anywhere near 56-kilobit-per-second speeds, the theoretical maximum speed of the 56K modem, because of poor line conditions and other factors. MORE

Are you running the latest Anti-Virus Software?
The explosive growth of corporate e-mail systems in the past three years has made e-mail one of the primary transmission means for computer viruses. The annual Computer Virus Prevalence Survey, published by the International Computer Security Association (ICSA) found that the number of computer virus victims who reported becoming infected via e-mail is growing rapidly, increasing from 9% in 1996 to 32.3% in 1998. More recently, the quick-spreading W97M_MELISSA virus that used macro code inside a Word file to automate Outlook and send e-mail messages from the unwitting recipient’s computer made headlines around the world and affected hundreds of large corporate sites.